overgrown shrubs bw

I welcomed autumn a day earlier than I should have. It arrived today, not yesterday as I'd believed. But one day more or less makes little difference as we bid farewell to summer and look forward to a new season - holding dear the fond memories of summer's events.

Early morning found me scanning websites for deals on a plane ticket to Europe. 4am was when I decided to go to sleep and continue the search at a later time. In four weeks, I will be in Berlin albeit I've not yet purchased a ticket.

Since my return from a summer in Ireland, including a last minute four-day surprise trip to Berlin for Saffron's 8th birthday, I've been monitoring prices for my next trip. At this point, I fear I will have to take whatever is available as my older daughter is looking forward to my visit next month.

Autumn in Berlin will be a new experience for me as I've vacationed there during both summer and winter months. My daughter has a few things in mind she'd like to do. Piercing her ears is one. Going out for pizza is another. So far she seems to be enjoying her time in Berlin but I'm sure she is also looking forward to coming home in February.

Summer brought about many memories and changes which will never be forgotten - such as the look of surprise on the children's faces when they saw me at the Wednesday farmer's market on Goethestrasse. It is autumn's turn to create new adventures to cherish.