tree and lamp post

The last day of the first month of the new year is upon us. It is hardly believable as it seems only yesterday the new year began. We had 31 days in which to do something meaningful. We might not have accomplished the initial goals we set out to reach, but tomorrow starts a new month with new possibilities and opportunities. One of twelve months is now behind us.

How has the month passed by so quickly, I wonder. I do not feel as if much significant has happened this January, yet somehow I believe there must have been some progress. Any progress, no matter how small, is progress as long as we move forward and are not stagnant.

Albeit I did not get much closer to finding employment, I am realising the path I need to pursue at the moment. There is always the possibility something happens to come along which would cause my path to shift in another direction, but at this moment the need is to continue taking small steps towards my goal.

January was a debilitating month - a month of being confined to indoors despite the handful of sunny and warm days. It meant having to drive the children the short distance to the bus stop in order to avoid prolonged exposure to the evils of the cedar pollen. February will be a time of relief as I will be absent from the clutches of this Central Texas phenomenon for all but a week total. Upon my return from the Emerald Isle, the pollen should for the most part be gone and I will be able to enjoy the days outdoors.

Cinnamon and Sage stayed with me for most of this month, but the situation will be reversed for February. Saffron will be returning home in two days and will stay with me the first night. Then she returns to her father's house and will be introduced to her new family. I have a feeling things will start happening much faster next month as the year picks up pace.

The transition for all of us will be great as we adjust our schedules and lifestyles. I look forward to the restored balance of the three children being together and picking up where they left off six months ago. The time apart from each other has no doubt been difficult for them, in particular. Being so close in age and having grown up together they have not known what it is like to be apart - until last summer when their world changed in many ways.

Time does not stand still. It moves forward and change is its companion. Change is part of life and necessary for growth. We might struggle with certain aspects of new experiences, but eventually we will need to learn to adapt if we are to succeed. January started out somewhat slow but is now behind us. Another eleven months of this year are ahead of us and waiting for us to take advantage of them and their possibilities.