suas rain

He went by the coffeehouse before leaving for work, thinking I was still there. Conor, the owner, told him I left just five minutes before. An hour before, I walked into the room and saw a couple leaving my table. The round table by the window has become 'my' table. Conor tried saving it for me yesterday but two guys grabbed it before he had a chance to save it. 

Today I was lucky as the view is pleasant. I was glad to be able to sit there as I have two more visits to the coffeehouse. It would be three if the place was open on Sundays. It isn't, so Saturday will be my last time sitting and sipping a cappuccino made with the fancy new machine which was not there the last time I visited in December.

Every time I sit at the table, I am told the soup of the day and the flavour of the savory scones which were baked in the morning. Today it was red pepper with basil, I believe, and avocado. It sounded interesting but my eyes caught glimpse of the basket on the counter overflowing with freshly baked plain and fruit scones.

A plain scone is what I chose. It was light, fluffy, and quite high. I sat by the window and looked out at the cloudy skies. Rain started at one point and I was happy to be inside watching from a warm and dry room from up above.

When I left, Conor asked my plans for the weekend. I mentioned to him I was leaving Monday and would not be returning anytime soon. 'Oh, you'll be back in a few weeks' he replied. I told him this time it is not so likely, but you never know. Life surprises us when we least expect it.

After I left the coffeehouse, I walked down the street to Ennis Bookshop. Somehow my boyfriend and I missed each other along the way. Perhaps I was walking into the bookshop as he passed by. Had I stayed five minutes later, we would have seen each other.

The rest of my day consisted of going to three different grocery stores and making tomato sauce for penne pasta. I also bought fresh basil and parmesan which will make the late dinner complete. Then it's a pint of Guinness at Knox's with my boyfriend when he returns from work. A nice way to finish this Thursday.