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'Oh, you're back again' said the guy at the U-Haul store as I paid for more packing paper for my breakables. He recognised me from last year when he must have seen me at least ten times as I kept returning to the store for more boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. I explained to him I was moving again this year. He said something along the lines that such is life.

As I continue the move from one place to the next, I am becoming increasingly aware at how much longer the entire process will take than I first thought. Though I am thankful for the already packed boxes in the garage, there is much more which needs to be wrapped and put away in boxes to leave in the other garage until yet another move next year.

At one point, I had hoped to get the footboard of the queen-sized bed into the minivan. I carried it downstairs and tried every angle to get around the seats. I would have made it if I removed both the car seats and the actual van seats but such a task is monumental and not worth the effort. It will be another item to add to the list of things I need help with from the moving company.

The process of moving is multifaceted. There is the moving of boxes from the old place to the new. In my case, I am moving all but the heaviest of the items by myself. The furniture which requires two people to move it will be saved for a moving company which I have not yet contacted. The moving of furniture is the second component of this multifaceted process.

Cleaning up the old place after it has been stripped of all its belongings is the third aspect of this process. When I reach that point in my move, I will be relieved as I know I will no longer have to live in two residences. The fourth aspect is the cleaning of the new place to the standard I can live with for the next twelve months.

It is only after all is clean that I will be able to enjoy the fun part of the moving process which is setting up the furniture and decorating. In the meantime, there will be much to organise but nothing which is required to start living in the new place.

After the two trips I made today, I am guessing I will have an easier time to fall asleep. Tomorrow will be a day spent indoors away from the springtime pollen. There are boxes to build and fill with mugs and bowls waiting to be wrapped. My boyfriend has a day off tomorrow, so I am looking forward to our Skype session during the day. Moving is never an easy process but it is a change which brings excitement to our lives whether the move involves us traveling across the world or simply across the street.