ennis walk

Today was a happy Sunday as we were able to spend the day together. He had a day off from work today, as he did yesterday, so we spent quality time doing things we otherwise are unable to do both during the week when he is at work and whilst living apart.

We awoke before 09,00 shortly before the church bells chimed. I took today off from running but made our breakfast smoothie as I have every morning thus far. We had the same one as yesterday made with bananas, pineapple, vanilla bean yogurt, milk, and a splash of cream. Afterwards, I made another batch of scones.

This time I used the recipe for the plain scones on the flour package. They were not too bad, but I preferred my recipe for the lemon poppy seed scones I made Friday. He commented on how they would taste better with jam so we returned to Dunnes to buy a local raspberry jam. Tomorrow I work on another recipe for plain scones with the intent on getting fluffy and light scones one day.

After our walk this morning, we returned home and did a few random things whilst waiting for the coffee house to open at 13,00. Debating whether or not to have coffee today as we remembered the 'not-so-cappuccino' cappuccino we asked to have remade, we decided to go anyway and enjoy the time we had together. As he knows well, I could sit there for hours talking with him but we decided to return home.

We started to watch the movie we did not get to watch last night but turned it off at some point to do other things. In the evening we made and ate dinner together and then went on one more walk before settling in for the night. As we reminisced on both our pasts, we realised how all things happened for a reason in order for us to be together at this point in time. Though we wished we could have met years earlier, it is better we met now than not at all. It was indeed a happy Sunday in Ennis.