ducks on fergus

It was a warm day in Ennis today. Running resumed this morning though I am guessing it will take some time for my body to get used to something I do not do often. The same goes for my getting used to wearing my new reading glasses as it is something new for me. Forming new habits and takes anywhere from two to eight months. Setbacks are to be expected but continuing on the path to change is key.

He returned to work today after two days off. We parted ways at the bookstore by the apartment and I continued on my way to the coffeehouse. I walked up the stairs intending to sit and enjoy my usual cappuccino and scone but noticed there were people waiting at the entrance. I walked back down the stairs and decided to check back later.

Wondering where to go, I started walking in the direction of the Ennis Bookshop when I ran into a friend of my boyfriend's. We said 'hi' and chatted for two minutes before saying 'bye'. This is the kind of town where you will inevitably run into at least one person you know every time you go out.

I walked into the bookshop and looked around for ten or so minutes wondering if the sales people notice me from previous days. Afterwards I returned to the coffeehouse and sat at a small table on the side away from the windows whilst waiting for my coffee and scone. When I left, the Polish waitress informed me that Conor would be back tomorrow though I am not sure why since I did not inquire about his whereabouts.

For the remainder of the day I stayed home and forced my eyes to adjust to the new purple reading glasses as I continued the story of Alice in 'Who is Alice', a story which takes place in Galway with a mention of Ennis in one of the chapters I read today. As the day draws to a close, I am happy to see him home and know we have an evening together to enjoy.