window on fergus

We walked together this morning, I on my way to the park and he on his way to the doctor's office. He made it home shortly before me and we then continued our morning. After my shower, I made our breakfast smoothies. Bananas and pineapple with yogurt and milk was the blend of the day.

The morning was a bit strange as I felt we should have been taking more advantage of the few hours we have before he leaves for work. Instead, the usual rituals continued which meant time for each other was not used as well as it could have been. I then decided to leave before him and went to the coffeehouse.

As much as I wished he was there with me, he was not though there was plenty of time to sit for coffee before he left for work. I had already finished my macchiato and scone by the time he left the apartment.

I continued on with my day and went to Aldi for a few ingredients needed for tonight's dinner. Then I returned home intending to read for an hour before going out again to Dunnes for the rest of the ingredients. Instead, I found myself tired again and slept for two and a half hours before leaving the apartment.

Time is something we often wish we had more of and oftentimes we find ourselves frustrated when it seems to pass by so quickly. Time is precious and not to be wasted on trivial things for one day we will look back on the time we lost and wish we have used it more wisely.