river fergus seagull

The sun still shines at 21,15 on this summer night in July. It will be another half hour until the sun dips behind the hills to make another appearance tomorrow. The quiche is in the oven and I am awaiting his return from work so we can eat together and find out if he has the next two days off from work.

Oftentimes I wonder how different things would be if I could live here with the children. Certainly our schedules would be different and there would be an adjustment for all of us but at this point it is merely something I think about though I realise it is close to impossible to make into a reality. Life, though, has a way of surprising us at times.

I wonder how the children would adapt. Being children, I am sure it would not take them long to adjust to a new life in another country. They have already been to Germany several times and are thus used to another way of life. Also, there is no shortage of children here in Ireland for them to play with as families here consist of at least three children.

For now we have to make do with the circumstance as is, with him living in Ireland and me in the States and seeing each other two or three times a year. The situation is far from ideal but we are both determined to make this work as we know it is merely a matter of time and patience until we are able to live in one home.

To sit and wonder passes the time but life is lived now and we somehow have to determine our next step to take as we enjoy the present moments.