cloudy sunday

It had rained all night long and was still drizzling this morning when I left for my jog at the park. Besides the old lady walking her dog, I was the only other person at the park. Sundays are more quiet than any of the other days during the week and today was no exception on this drizzly Sunday.

The days seem to pass by much quicker this time around and we are both becoming increasingly aware of my impending departure next week. Though we had no planned holidays this time we at least had precious hours to spend with each other before and after he went to work in addition to the two days off per week he gets.

After he left for work, I read until the time the coffeehouse opened which was at 13,00 today. My intention was to be the first one there so I can finally sit at 'my' table by the window and I had been successful in my endeavour.

The scones were still sitting on their baking tray, fresh out of the oven. Once again, they were lovely and I almost ordered another but vowed to return tomorrow. I have yet to try their carrot cake and will have to do so before I leave. I enjoyed my coffee and scone and went to Aldi for cheese and bell peppers before going to Dunnes for avocado and baby tomatoes.

Once home, I wanted to read some more but decided to take a nap instead. It was a rather long nap as when I awoke and glanced at my phone for the time it was 20,50. I went into the kitchen and chopped the vegetables for the potato leek soup. Now I await his arrival from work so we can sit down to dinner together once more.