sewing shop ennis

Without a doubt, this time around my luck with the weather was nowhere to be seen. Today was no exception. From the time we awoke until the end of the day it is as if someone was flipping the rain switch on and off which made my morning jog not possible without risking getting soaked at some point.

Instead of the park, I walked to Dunnes for smoothie ingredients as the two peaches intended for this morning's smoothie had gotten a bit warm whilst sitting on the counter for the past few days. When I left the flat, the sun was out and I walked the three minutes it takes to get to the shop.

Noticing the lack of frozen berries, I grabbed diced pineapple, milk, and cream instead for a tropical smoothie. As I was leaving the shop, the rain poured overhead and people waited at the entrance for a break in the rain. I waited a minute then decided to walk home in the rain. By the time I climbed the five flights of stairs, the sun returned.

The day had already started out better than yesterday as we had time to talk things over late last night when he returned from work. We enjoyed our smoothie this morning and realised we both missed our new ritual yesterday. New rituals take time to establish as does abolishing the old habits which are not always good for us.

I know that my going to the coffeehouse most mornings will come to an end soon enough but it is not something I do back in the States so I indulge in this temporary ritual for the time being. Today he wanted me to leave for the coffeehouse before he left for work so that he could meet me there a few minutes before he had to walk to work.

The coffeehouse was full so I waited for a table. Once seated, I eyed the carrot cake on the counter wondering how it fared with the ones I have tasted before and my own recipe. By the time he arrived, I was already finished with my cappuccino, scone, and the small slice of carrot cake which I later thought I should have foregone. I then walked to work with him and browsed two shops looking for something for my children.

Before I went to the pub to see him and to eat an early dinner of veggie spring rolls, I had time to read my book as I listened to the intermittent rain outside. Rain, as the difficult times in life, comes and goes but the sun eventually emerges through the clouds and makes us appreciate the sunny days even more. If all we had were good days, we would never learn how to value them without the bad days.