rowan tree bridge

The rain has put quite the damper on getting out these past few days. Jogging was out the question this morning so I ended up staying indoors for all but half an hour today. I even skipped my routine of going to the coffeehouse and read my book instead later this afternoon.

Though rain is but one issue, there are others to be taken into consideration for my having stayed indoors. Mostly it is the fact that I have already been here so often and have thus seen most everything this city has to offer without getting on a bus to go somewhere.

Living in the suburbs of Austin, I find I rarely go outdoors as well unless it involves driving the half hour to the city centre for food shopping. It has been ten years since I moved from California to Texas but I find I have not seen a fraction of what there is to see in the surrounding area. There will be many new places to explore with my boyfriend when he comes to visit. 

With the autumn season around the corner, we will find ourselves more drawn to stay indoors and busy ourselves with the events of the season. There will be preparations for Thanksgiving meals to share with family and the long lists of cookies to bake for the Christmas holidays.

As I look at the weather app on my iPhone, I dread the heat awaiting me upon my return to the States. Suddenly, the rain here in Ireland does not look so bad after all.