orange scones

Orange flavoured and scented scones awaited the children after school. They were delighted when they noticed that I moved the coffee table - our dining table - back to where it was by the large window as now we did not have to turn on the overhead light in order to see what we were eating.

As we sat on the floor, the children spoke of their day as they do every day during our snack time. Saffron noticed the sunlight falling on her paper towel in front of her and said 'The sun loves me.' Her brother responded not too kindly with 'No, it doesn't.' And so the chatter continued as they each devoured two scones, saving the other two for tomorrow.

As I glanced around the now empty and still dark room by the kitchen, I wondered how to decorate it or if I should decorate it at all. I spent over an hour on IKEA's site looking for some inspiration as I have yet to go buy my son's dresser and nightstand. I wondered if I should place a kitchen cart in the middle of the room to use as a kitchen island. I also wanted to get a small dresser to use for kitchen linen storage.

Making small steps forward into this new life takes some time. On occasion, we wish we could speed into the future to get to where we think we should be. Sometimes we make mistakes along the way and do things we should not have, such as move from the previous place of residence or buy furniture we should not have bought, but we hope everything will work out in the end.

Though the small steps we take in moving forward might appear to us not to make a difference, it is precisely these small steps we should be taking as we wait to see what else life has in store for us. Patience is never easy but always worth it in the end.