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September is upon us as is the start of the end of the year activities with Labor Day being the first of the holidays coming up next Monday. Growing up, I remember school having started the day after Labor Day which gave students two more weeks to enjoy summer. Such is not the case anymore, at least not for my children.

As college students return to their studies, job opportunities become more readily available to those of us who have been longing to find something more meaningful. The challenge thus far has been in finding a company which places value on work-life balance and allows for more flexibility in being able to work from home.

With the age of technology, it should not be too difficult for employers to allow their employees two or three days of telecommuting during the week. For working mothers, this is ideal as it allow us to be there for our children when they return home from school instead of simply leaving them with a babysitter or an afterschool program.

It was not until after I became a mother that I understood the difficulties of having to balance work life and home life. Before I had children, I would often wonder why certain women were allowed to work shorter hours than the rest of us. I thought it was unfair but now I see why this was so.

This September I continue my search for the job which will allow me to see my family whilst being able to provide for them. Though I realise this will not be an easy task, I also know the 'right' job will come along at some point in time. Again, patience and perseverance is necessary.