sunset 11302016

I lost track of the number of times I went back and forth to the new place. I stopped counting after the movers arrived. They were scheduled to start moving at 8,30h. However, I was not yet ready so I called for more time. The bed still needed to be taken apart. The mattresses needed to be wrapped in plastic. And then there were the little things.

The little things seemed to keep multiplying with each drawer and cupboard I opened. They were never ending and exhausting. The movers spent three hours wrapping and loading the furniture onto the truck before they drove around the building to the new place. Had they taken the items down the 19 stairs, across the parking lot, and up another set of 19 stairs it would have taken them more time.

After the movers left, I still had more to do. A lot more including the daybed I told them to leave for me to take apart and to move by myself. I had gained a momentum after a while and kept doing a little more than I had planned.

Going from room to room, I emptied all cupboards and drawers and filled one plastic bag after another in order to take over to the new place. The trips across the parking lot were endless. I just wanted to be done so I could finally rest.

Then there was the cleaning. I managed to clean everything but the kitchen. But that will have to wait until tomorrow morning. I am guessing I will sleep well tonight after my moving workout.

The next few weeks will be exciting as I set up our new place. The kitchen is the highlight of this apartment with the wide granite counter top island with plenty of space for all of us to be in the kitchen. But before I start digging through the boxes in the garage for all of my baking and cooking supplies, I will have to set up our bedrooms first.

A new chapter begins with endless possibilities.