new trees 12012016

'But they used to cost $8.99 a pound last year' I said to the cashier at Trader Joe's as he rung up the pistachios at $6.99 for the pound. He explained to me how they purchase the nuts before the crop is delivered which assures a lower cost. Then he added the story of how pistachios came to the States with an Iranian guy who filled his suitcase with the nuts and then bred them in the States.

My trip to the shop came after the cable guy left. A friendly Iranian guy. He was supposed to be at my place for only an hour but ran into problems with my modem which he determined to be faulty. He then swapped out my old modem for a new one for free and it seemed to work at the time but now I am not so sure. The connectivity is sporadic with my laptop so I might have to call Spectrum in the coming days.

As the cable guy was finishing up, we talked about his special visa process and how I am trying to get my husband into the States. I told him I got married three weeks ago. He said something about my husband leaving my blue eyes so soon, then as he left he shook my hand and gave me a hug. I found that a bit odd but perhaps Iranian people are friendlier than Americans.

The cleanup of the kitchen at the old apartment took longer than expected this morning so I considered delaying the internet connection appointment yet again but the next availability was not until next Tuesday. I handed in my keys at 12,30h and rushed to Home Depot for another vinyl floor cover before the cable guy arrived. I made it back in time and had hoped the work would not be so long.

As I waited for him to finish, I was glad not to have to move another plastic bag full of stuff. At the end, the cleanup became desperate as I threw things into bags and ran them to the new place where I simply piled bags wherever there was space.

I managed to carve out a path in between the boxes, furniture, and bags but the place looks like a disaster zone. The cable guy had no space to sit and work so he took it upon himself to move a mattress and two bunkie boards out of the way. There was nothing I could do as I was beyond tired.

With the move behind me I am glad to be able to slow down a bit for a few days before I start up again with our new place. Though it looks like a tornado passed through our apartment, things will look much better by the end of the year.