bed frame

'You're not busy now, are you' the maintenance guy shot a glance at the leasing agent as I stood in front of them. I had intended on getting the key to the back door of my garage until the maintenance guy informed me it would need to be rekeyed due to my having moved apartments. 

I then mentioned it was not possible to get to the back door due to all of the boxes I had just piled up in front of the garage during yesterday's move from the storage unit. But if someone could help me move a large heavy box containing a table, then I could reach the back of the garage.

I had expected a 'no, we are unable to do this' answer but what I got was exactly the opposite. The leasing agent got his keys, locked the door to the main office, and got in his car to drive to my garage and put the 100-pound box into my minivan. I was unable to close the minivan door due to the box being put in lengthwise but I drove carefully around the corner to the bottom of the stairs of the apartment.

I had also not expected the leasing agent to do the move alone. I looked around for the maintenance guy but he was gone. Though I tried to help, my energy waned from yesterday's move. Kyle suggested flipping the box end-on-end which worked. He then pushed the large box in front of my door and I pushed it into the apartment after he left. I promised to make him cookies for his help.

Now we have a table. The one I had bought this time last year when I considered staying at the house with the yard. The one which I had not yet opened and assembled for the reason that I decided not to stay at the house with the yard. But now we need counter-height chairs or stools. But at least we have the table and the last of the heavy items is out of the garage.

Today's weather was noticeably more pleasant that yesterday's. 11 degrees Celsius in contrast to yesterday's 4 degrres Celsius when my fingers felt as if they would fall off. It made for running around town much easier as I had many places to go in order to cross off the items on my list. New pants for work I had hoped to find but my size was unavailable.

Driving the distance to another Gap proved just as disappointing until I walked into Central Market and found that the hazelnut meal bin had been restocked. I filled two bags full of the needed ingredient for cookies and went on my way. After a few more stops, I went home and texted my husband. We saw each other on Skype for a while and I explained to him how I now was going to make cookies for Kyle. I look forward to making cookies and cakes and healthy food for my husband in the new year.