I arrived at the gym at the same time as the previous four days. The parking lot was less crowded at first but started to fill up by the time I left. I made it five days straight knowing that tomorrow I would take a day off.

Breakfast has been quite consistent. Shallots with spinach with a sunny side up egg along with smoked Gouda and bread. I had no more bell pepper but I did have avocado. I wanted to make sure I had my breakfast before heading to the soccer field to watch my son play today.

An hour before the game I got a text from my ex letting me know they would not be at soccer today. He was going to launch rockets instead. I wrote back telling him unless the game has been cancelled, Sage should go to the game. No. They were doing rockets today since it was only once a month. My input meant nothing. I had no say.

I continued about my day. I went nowhere except the gym in the morning and the sunset spot in the evening for my daily photograph. Many thoughts went through my mind but I tried to see the bright side of things which is not always easy.

I often wonder what the children will remember from these years of having to go back and forth from one home to another. From a home which now includes a stepmother and two stepbrothers to my home where there is only me. Such are the struggles of co-parenting. Though I might not have a say in what the children do during the time they are at their father's house, I do have control over what happens at my place.