In times of great stress, we tend to focus on the bad and forget about the little things which are good in between. Healthy habits are tossed to the wayside whilst the bad habits find their way into our lives to replace the good ones we have worked hard on introducing. Judgements are greatly impaired when we are put under mental and physical pressure.

Sleep was greatly lacking today. With about three hours of sleep, I found myself nodding away into a brief slumber at my computer. After a trying night last night, I yearned for more hours to close my eyes and get some rest. I realised it would take a while until that would come about.

The events of the evening unfolded as if in slow motion. Flashbacks of the good moments passed before my mind. We had let the things which are out of our control take over those good moments only to replace them with a decision which would have forever changed the course of our lives.

With about two hours to spare, we decided to take that other path. The one which requires a great deal more of patience. Something we both were out of already. The system is working against us but that is not within our control. The only thing we can control, however, is how we react to the change in circumstances.

A moment of reflection led to a future diverted. A change in the path we are to take. Hardships will still come our way but how we deal with them determine their outcome. If we can find at least one reason to smile each day, things  will not be so bad after all.