I get to spend Christmas with the children every two years. This year was my year and though it did not turn out as I expected it, at least we were all together.

I had planned to have the house set up and envisioned baking with the children. I thought we would all be sitting on the new sectional around the fireplace reading books and watching it snow outside. But none of this happened. We are still at the apartment, I baked no marble cheesecake as planned, and the delivery of the sectional I had delayed twice already. And there was definitely no white Christmas.

We are still living in survival mode. A mode I hope to eliminate at some point in the near future. The uncertainty of life is at times necessary but hopeful.

The children enjoyed opening presents. Then we ate a simple breakfast and stayed home the rest of the day. I truly wanted at least one day at home without the need to go somewhere. I simply wanted to stay home and relax for once.

I avoided driving anywhere until late afternoon but that proved to be unsuccessful as I realised we could not avoid the new place too much longer so I drove to the house in an attempt to put up the garage shelving. Time was limited but at least I made a start.

The plans I had for the kids’ winter break turned out different than I had wanted but we made the best out of the time we had.