The loud shrill of the iPhone alarm roused me out of a dream which I can no longer remember. Three and a half hours of sleep were not enough so I returned to bed but did not sleep. Nor did I reset the alarm. Another half hour or so was all the extra time I could manage to take.

I needed to start breakfast a little earlier one of these days this week in order to get used to a new schedule once we move into the house. This morning, however, was not one of those days. The five lunches were made before we sat down to breakfast of Russian Rye and Pugliese breads with butter and jam or honey. I enjoy our all sitting down at the table together even though it is somewhat rushed in the mornings.

My husband walked the younger two children to the bus whilst I got ready for work. The new bus driver was already waiting at the entrance to our apartment complex at least five minutes before scheduled time. But the children made it to school on time. An hour later, my husband walked with my oldest daughter across the street to her middle school. The convenience of living across the street from both the middle and high schools is another thing we will miss. But it is worth it at the expense of over double the space we live in now.

Though I arrived at work shortly after 08,15, it was still later than I had anticipated as I had somewhere to go after work or during my lunch hour. I ended up going during my lunch hour but the drive to Round Rock took much longer than anticipated. Since I usually take a 30-minute lunch, I ended up having to make up close to two hours after my planned end time today.

We all survived the return to Monday after a somewhat quiet Sunday but a new schedule will take a bit more time to get accustomed to for us all. Meanwhile, my laptop's functioning has come to a crawl. So much so that I can take micro naps whilst a new window opens or a block of text is copied.

Such is the case with outdated technology like the shelf system CD player we wished to replace with another one on Sunday. We found out they are becoming extinct to be replaced by the Alexa type systems we see advertised.

New times are here. We simply need to learn to adapt. To be flexible and open minded. Not always easy but necessary in order to move forward.