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One of the most beautiful sights our eyes can behold is witnessing the beginning and ending of the day as shown to us by the sun. By its rising and setting every morning and every evening. Though some days it might not be seen to us, it is still there. Hiding behind the clouds. Letting them have their time in the limelight.

The sun this morning, as seen from both of the children’s bedroom windows, was a stunning display of pinks and oranges in various shades. I grabbed my phone and took some photos as I knew the scene would shift within seconds.

I readied myself for work shortly thereafter and was delighted it was Friday. Shortly before 13,00, Cinnamon texted me that they made it to Nevada. She was excited that they, the kids, would be getting their own hotel room and let me know that they have not gone to the Grand Canyon but they will visit it on their return home. Aside from that, I did not hear much more from them today.

Once home, I ate the potato soup that I made last night and spent less than an hour afterwards reading. As I looked outside the window, I waited for the evening to draw to a close. For the sun to start its descent. At that moment, I got ready for my evening walk.

The sky was aglow once again but this time with deep reds and fuchsias. The scene changed ever so rapidly which meant I had to forego my usual route to get to the large tree by the other school’s field to witness the sun’s final dip beneath the horizon. I was amazed at how quickly the colours changed and faded but was happy to have been able to see this with my own eyes. The beauty of chasing the sun.